Thrushes hunting in Romania, Migratory hunting

Thrushes hunting in Romania

Thrushes hunting in Romania

Thrushes hunting in Romania from the 1st of October to the 28th of February

Raffaelli Hunting organizes the thrushes hunting in Romania. The hunting area is located in South-Eastern Romania where there are lands (vineyards) which remain mostly uncultivated, excellent for the hunting of thrushes, which in autumn and winter are considerably present.

Charges per person:
→ 3 days of thrushes hunting, 4 nights euro (more details here)
→ 4 days of thrushes hunting, 5 night euro (more details here)

- transportation from the airport to the hunting house and vice versa
- transportation from the hunting house to the hunting areas
- complete serving from the day of the arrival (dinner) to the leaving day (breakfast)
- accommodation in single or double rooms with bathroom
- cutting the bush meat
- the bush meat’s preservation
- amazing Italian and international cuisine
- beverages (amazing wine and other)
- hunting permissions
- semiautomatic guns

- the round-trip journey
- additional day – 280 euro
- non-hunting tourist – 140 euro per day
- Italian cartridge at the current price in Romania – lead of 10-11, 12 caliber and 20
- plucking the hunted birds – 0.25 per bird